• In order to lessen the disruptions on court one, we ask that the players from the two courts in front of the stands, leave and enter by the middle door into the hallway. 

    Also, a reminder that when your court has finished playing your game, to please wait until players on the other courts have finished their point play.  As well as a courtesy to the players, there are safety concerns when walking too close to the boundary lines when play is in progress.  To further lessen disruption, all four players should try to leave and enter at the same time.

  • The school has informed us that effective immediately we can not be on the courts before 7:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Set-up must not start before these times.

  • We would like to remind our members and guests that appropriate (non-) footwear should be worn while playing badminton in the gym.

  • This year we will be trying out shoe tags. These tags will be worn on your court shoes and indicate that you have paid your membership dues. With so many new members, it will make it easier for the executive to know who are members and who are guests. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • The club will also be issuing "Membership Cards" that can be used for club discounts at selected local businesses.

  • A reminder that the last players on the courts at the end of the evening should assist in taking down the nets.

  • We all appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

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